Device Platforms

Our TaoTastic! app is super convenient and fun to use.  It allows you to download our training programs right to your favorite device platform.  You can access all program components, lectures, courseware, and eBooks without the need for a Wi-Fi connection.  Learn On-the-go: our mobile app lets you learn wherever you want, whenever you want.

You can access our Self-Paced Study Program on the most sought-after devices. The choice is yours.  We don’t just give you the device; we put all the training materials on it. You no longer have to lug those heavy books around when you feel like studying. Take it on the plane, car, or wherever you are. Prepare for the exam however and whenever you want.  Best of all, you don't even need a Wi-Fi connection as all components of the program is loaded onto the device allowing for flexibility and convenient use.

The way it works is we take the training course we provide (we call the course our programs) and load them on to devices such as the iPad, MacBook, Surface Book, etc. These devices are the platforms. All the content is in digital form which includes video lectures, eBooks, and courseware. The content never expires.  We do this because it’s convenient to use. You can study whenever and wherever you want. This eliminates having to coordinate schedules, arrange for travel thus saving you and your organization time and money. Our program also does not require a Wi-Fi connection. This is handy for those who work in secure areas that do not allow outside devices on their networks. A lot of folks love this approach because they can use the time they would have been traveling to stay home and study where it’s easier to focus.  The best part is the device is yours to keep.


Available Devices




*These are just some of the devices we offer.  If you do not see a device you prefer let us know, chances are we can get it for you.

Having our training program loaded on our device platform also gives you the flexibility to free up your existing computer to follow along with demonstrations or do labs.  Our programs are completely self-contained; all components of the programs are stored locally on the device.  You do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use the program.  This is great for professionals working in environments where Wi-Fi access is restricted.  These device platforms are not just toys; they are real tools to get real study work done.


Device Platform Tiers


Premium Tier

The devices on our Premium Tier are the iPad Pro, MacBook Air, Surface Pro.


Standard Tier

The device on our Standard Tier is the iPad Air and the Surface Go. 



Our iStudy option does not come with a device.  It is for the program only.


Popular Apple Special Order Devices


Special Order Non-Stock

These are our most popular Special Order Devices.  You can configure each device to your specific requirement.  Let us know your configuration preference and they can help you with pricing.  If you want an Apple device not shown ask us about it and we can probably get it for you.


Note: All devices are shipped factory fresh and are yours to keep.