Systems Security Certified Practitioner, SSCP


SSCP Certification was designed to recognize an international standard for practitioners of information security [IS] and understanding of a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). It focuses on practices, roles and responsibilities as defined by experts from major IS industries. Certification can enhance an IS career and provide added credibility. It also provides employers a reliable measure of exceptional professional competence. As the demand for SSCP certification has more than doubled in the past year.

With as little as one year’s work experience in the information security field, you can become certified as a Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP). The SSCP is ideal for those working towards positions such as Network Security Engineers, Security Systems Analysts, or Security Administrators. This is also the perfect course for personnel in many other non-security disciplines that require an understanding of security but do not have information security as a primary part of their job description. This large and growing group includes information systems auditors; application programmers; system, network and database administrators; business unit representatives, and systems analysts.

Our SSCP Program brings together all the materials, tools, and study aids you need to pass the SSCP exam. Whether you are a security professional, a seasoned engineer, or are looking for a career change. Our objective is to not just prepare you for SSCP Certification, but to also provide you with the practical, detailed understanding and knowledge of security topics that will be of valued use to you and your company.

Our product focuses not only on the areas necessary for the SSCP examination, but also on a more detailed and practical perspective that will give you competitive skills in the real world as well. Our partners have crafted this solution set based on her extensive and intimate experiences in the information security and SSCP world.


To qualify for SSCP certification, you must have:

A minimum of one year of cumulative work experience 

  • In one or more of the seven domains of the SSCP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)
  • A one year prerequisite pathway will be granted for a candidate who received a degree (bachelors or masters) in a cybersecurity program.

Don’t have the required work experience yet? You can take and pass the SSCP exam to earn an Associate of (ISC)2 designation. Then, you’ll have up to two years to earn your required work experience for the SSCP.


This certification is a terrific entry-level information security certification, and it is the ideal precursor for the much sought after Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). The SSCP certification focuses on seven (7) Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) domains:

  • Access Controls
  • Cryptography
  • Malicious Code and Activity
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Networks and Communications
  • Risk, Response, and Recovery
  • Security Operations and Administration


Here’s what you need to know about the exam process:

  • Number of questions – 125
  • Time limit – 180 minutes (3 hours)
  • Passing score – 700 or higher (on a scale of 0-1000)
  • Prerequisites – one (1) year of security experience
  • Certification is maintained by earning sixty (60) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits over a three (3) year period


Program Components


  • SSCP Training Program
  • The Official ISC2 Guide to the SSCP CBK
  • SSCP All-in-One Book
  • ISC2 SSCP Practice Test Sybex
  • SSCP Exam Questions
  • SSCP Review Questions
  • Device of Your Choice



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