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CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Training


We all hear the buzz about healthcare – EHR/EMR, HIPAA, PHI and the other acronyms in the space. But what does it mean for IT professionals? What are the job opportunities? How do you show employers you have the unique skills required to work in IT in a healthcare setting?

According to a recent survey by Capstone, 63 percent of responding physician group practices expect to replace their current practice management system with an integrated electronic health record system (EHRS). And 70 percent of those not purchasing say they already have an EHR that will be certified for meaningful use. Those systems will all need support from IT technicians.

Employers need a way to identify candidates with the right skills to fill these jobs and potential HIT technicians need a way to show employers they have the knowledge and skills required to support the implementation and maintenance of HIT systems, including EHRS, in various clinical settings. That is where the new CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate can help.

The CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certification will show that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to implement, deploy, and support Health IT systems in the healthcare field. Successful candidates will understand regulatory requirements, healthcare terminology/acronyms, and possess a basic understanding of practice workflow while adhering to code of conduct policies and security best practices, in order to support Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems in medical facilities. 


Now is an ideal time to become a Healthcare IT Technician; the U.S. Dept. of Labor forecasts that the healthcare IT job market will grow by 21% through 2020, making health care the fastest growing service sector for new IT jobs. Earning your CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate is a distinctive step toward a career in healthcare information technology. Colleges, universities and private computer schools offer a range of healthcare IT training programs, as well as accredited degrees and certificates that align with the Healthcare IT Technician credential. Compare the top-rated healthcare IT training programs in the U.S. and online below.


Key skills and knowledge areas covered by this exam include the following. CompTIA Healthcare IT Technicians can:

  • Understand health care agency types, laws and regulations.
  • Explain and classify HIPAA controls and compliance issues.
  • Summarize the rules of record retention, disposal and archiving.
  • Apply proper communication methods, e.g., email or VOIP, in clinical offices.
  • Identify and define commonly used IT terms and computer technologies.
  • Install, deploy and configure basic computer networks & mobile devices.
  • Deploy and configure hardware drivers and devices, e.g., badge scanners and cameras.
  • Identify common health care organizational structures and methods of operation.
  • Comprehend commonly used medical terms and devices in a range of health care settings.
  • Identify and label different components of HL7, e-prescribing & billing interfaces.
  • Determine medical interface problems, provide support and escalate issues when necessary.
  • Understand remote access methods, wireless security protocols & patient data best practices.
  • Implement health record data backup procedures based on the latest disaster recovery policies.
  • Identify and test for common information security risks, such as spyware or phishing, and implement the appropriate prevention techniques and countermeasures.


The typical student for this course is an experienced IT professional in a role such as desktop support technician, network administrator, systems administrator, or database administrator, who is looking for opportunities within the healthcare industry or may already be working within the healthcare industry. Such students want to prove through certification that they have the knowledge and skills required to implement, deploy, and support healthcare IT systems.


What You Will Learn

  • Define and describe concepts and terminology that are fundamental to your understanding of the use of IT in a healthcare environment.
  • Describe the medical environment including its organization, stakeholders, and the most significant technologies.
  • Leverage core medical concepts to describe the use of IT in the medical workplace.
  • Describe the essential elements of computing including hardware, software, networking, and change control.
  • Provide IT support and solve IT problems in the medical workplace.
  • Integrate security best practices into your daily healthcare IT workflow.


The certificate gives IT technicians background in HIT standards, regulations and workflows, so they can understand the healthcare environment. In addition to the recommended prerequisite CompTIA A+ (or equivalent 500 hours of hands-on IT technical experience ), successful candidates will understand healthcare terminology/acronyms, and possess a basic understanding of practice workflows while adhering to code of conduct policies and security best practices, in order to support Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems in medical facilities. 

Program Components

  • Instructor-led Healthcare IT Training
  • Complete Courseware
  • Hands on Demonstrations
  • Focused on practical solutions to real-world development problems
  • Proven technique- Actual Exam Secrets Review



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